Saturday, 11 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 9/12/2010: Mini Styling Test-The Vivid in Light

I still want to do a test mini photo-shoot first by using vintage clothing to test whether people willing to accept the styles. 

This mini photo-shoot inspired by the S/S 2010 ad campaign of Calvin Klein. The outstanding color in the photo-shoot became the key. Also the using of light is very helpful to advance the photo into high end.

My shoot called "The Vivid in Light", the color and light will become the key. There are 3 different key color: Red, Blue and Black. And 3 different using of lights: natural light, backlight and flash light.
Most of the clothing came form the vintage. I chose the best 8 upload to my Chinese blogs. 

Styling, Modeling & Photo Editing by me
Photographer: Chirs Dong

Chris is one of my best friends. She learning Fashion Photography in her BA degree. She got the good skills to use lights. This time I work together with her, we chose the best 8 photos together. 

I have upload all of these 8 photos to my Chinese blog. After several days, I will count how many people click the pictures and doing a questionnaire to get the feedback of these photos.


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