Wednesday, 8 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 25/11/2010: Vintage Store and Lifestyle in China

Here I found an online magazine talk about the Vintage Store and lifestyle in Shanghai.

There is a Vintage Store located in the Anxi Clothing Market in Shanghai. The picture below is the owner and the decorations of that store. 

This page introduced the tips about how to shopping vintage. The stuffs and goods shown still form the same store. 

This page, editor give the reasons why people choose Vintage Clothing. 
1. Vintage clothing have stories
2. Vintage Clothing can call back your own memories about a specific time
3. The styles of vintage clothing are classical and timeless, the pass the selection of time.
4. Vintage Clothing also pass the selection of quality, some of them even represent the handicraft art

The following pages are the interviews about people who choose vintage. The editor give the questions such as why they choose vintage, what's special of vintage, Do you feel reject about vintage because they are second hand.

After reading their interviews, these people from every level of the society. Their status are different. Some of them are designers, some of them are students, others are photographers. But all of them mention the most important reason that they chose Vintage: Everyone want the fashionable clothes, but in Shanghai, almost all stylish clothing are expensive. Their lower incoming level can't afford these brand-named products. And the vintage that you can found unique-styled products in acceptable prices.

They also said, although from Chinese tradition that people reject second-handed products. But in new generation, most of them are more active in innovation and get the better receptive ability in new trend than their parents. More and more young people show their talent in absorb new fashion. 

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