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MA FASHION DIARY- 15/11/2010: Vintage Fashion in Japan

Here are some blog about the Vintage Fashion in Japan. Including the situation about vintage store, vintage styles and the styles in Japan.

Grimoire Shibuya – Japanese Dolly-kei & Vintage Fashion Wonderland

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On the border of Shibuya and Harajuku, on the 7th floor above various small streetwear boutiques, you will find Grimoire. It’s the pioneering store behind the Dolly-kei fashion scene. Managed by former fashion student and Cutie model Hitomi Nomura and owner Naoaki Tobe, Grimoire is a magical hideout away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo street life

Japanese Girl in Vintage Fashion From Grog Grog

We photographed this cute 20-year-old Japanese girl at the6%DOKIDOKI x Popples event a few weeks ago in Shibuya. She’s wearing a vintage coat from the Shimokitazawa resale shop Grog Grog, a vintage-looking patchwork dress, yellow stockings, and vintage moccasin boots. Her accessories include a knit scarf and an eco bag with a Popple attached to it.

Haight & Ashbury + Mikiri Hassan & Spooky?

Friendly couple in vintage wear from Haight & Ashbury.

Virgin Mary, Tarock & Dr. Martens

Artist and book store staffer in Virgin Mary vintage cotton and lace.

For Vintage Clothing in Tokyo, visit Harajuku and Shimokitazawa

Metropolis magazine, which I think is the best English-language magazine in Japan, did a special about vintage clothing and shopping for used clothes in Tokyo. Vintage shopping in Tokyo is really easy because I have found so many great, surprisingly really cheap vintage stores all over the place.

The Metropolis article recommended Screaming Mimi's near Daikanyama station, Star Verry in Shimokitazawa, and two others I haven't visited called Mink and KMP. Screaming Mimi's Tokyo is the sister store to Screaming Mimi's on Lafayette Street in New York. I have visited the NYC and the Tokyo one, and think both stores are full of great things but they're both a bit overpriced. Their clothes are also both a bit "safe" and not really exciting or unique. But if you like vintage designer clothing, they're a nice store in both cities. Star Verry is really cool and there are at keast 20 vintage clothing stores a few steps away from Shimokitazawa Eki. I know I keep talking about that Shimokitazawa, but it really is so rad.

My favorite vintage store in Tokyo so far is called Kinji. It's in Harajuku across from La Foret (the best mall you will ever see in your life... there's a Jan Svankmajer museum exhibition going on right now in that mall. See what I mean?) I like Kinji because it's huge, has tons of selection, and is extremely cheap. I got such a great skirt there for 345 yen (3 dollars) and I got the shirt I wore to 
tea in Yokohama at Kinji, too. Kinji is awesome and super easy to find since it's right under The Gap store in Harajuku. Above it, there's a vintage chain store called Hanjiros and that's fun to explore because it's massive, but I haven't found anything there quite yet.

Just to give you a tip: in Tokyo, vintage stores are almost always called "used clothing shops" so if you ask about vintage stores, most people won't know the word vintage. So if you want to know, ask for "used" shops.

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