Monday, 6 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 04/11/2010: The questionnaire

Today I make a questionnaire about vintage and luxury. I put it on my Chinese blog. So I can get the real information or feedback of the Chinese market and consumers. 

Here are all of the questions:

     If not considering the price, which one of the followings will you choose?
1.   Luxury Brands
2.   High Street Brands

     By relating to your incoming, which one will you choose from the following    options?
 1.   Vintage Luxury Stores, the price is more acceptable
 2.    Authorized retail store

     Which promotion mode of Luxury Brands will attract you more?
  1.   Visual Way (including posters,  ad campaign photo-shoot, window display and decorations of the   stores, visual events)
  2.   Written way (including emails, newspaper short message service)

   Please choose 2 options form the followings shows your opinion in the most effective ways to attract consumers.
1.   AD campaign photo-shoot
2.   Promotion Video
3.   Window display and installations
4.   Promotion events

Vintage is the one of the most popular fashion trend in the Western. What’s your opinion   about Vintage fashion?
 1.  International fashion trend, pleased to accept
 2.  Vintage is kind of second hand clothing, can’t accept

If the vintage clothing store open in China, are you willing to buy?
1.        1.I’d love to
2.        2. Can’t accept

If the vintage clothing store send a part of the incoming to charity organizations,  is that more attractive for you to buy the vintage clothing? (or more help to you to understand vintage fashion)
 1.   Yes
 2.   No

The valid date is 06/12. We can check the result after. 

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