Thursday, 28 January 2010


These days I have been to London to look around. I chose the whole black tone of my wearing.

Wool knit is really hot this season and layer is very important to me. So I chosen the grey knit scarf and yellow boatshoes.

The black leather bag and I put the chains on it make it looks a little bit rock. These days, I love to add the decoration on bags such as the small shining bag, the chains, the rings or something like that.

And the crystal glove that I design into 4-fingles shape and made them by using the crystals from Swarovski.

Recently these gloves are seems very popular. I will design more and more different gloves and maybe one day for sale.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Martin Solveig Featuring Jean Paul Gaultier

Recently I have seen the music video of Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette and Jean Paul Gaultier in Boys & Girls. They shot the video in the mythic Jean-Paul Gaultier store in 6 rue Vivienne, 2e Paris. The whole tone of the store just like the fashion studio. I really love it 

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Breeze of yellow

Just continue get the idea from the color of new menswear trend (s/s 2010). Yellow is still one of the key color in s/s 2010 such as the new collection of Prada.

I still choose the clothing form my wardrobe. The love this wind coat from Alexander McQueen and the vintage bag which is mixed with denim and leather. The glove designed and made by myself. I

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Look of the day 1

The worm color back to fashion again, especially yellow or orange. I love this coat with double zips on the top and layered structure at the bottom. In this season, the rivet element is very hot. I love the rivets part of this black riding boots. It's my favorite one of all my boots.

GaGa Wolala~!

The hottest fame monster Lady GaGa appeared in a lot of fashion magazine recently. Such as ELLE,
V magazine and Vogue Homme Japan.

The most part GaGa inspired me is her sunglasses and the complected structured garment.
This time I style myself in GaGa style, like the little monster~
Smokey Eye with Grey contacts
Still I chosen the futuristic style sunglasses
I also doing the black neckpiece by using black cards.
Don't forget the Gloves, I recreated them and cut them in 4-fingures shape. These days I doing the new gloves with the crystals from Swarovski. I'll show it here recently.

Let's GaGa~ little monsters!!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

light in color

My inspiration came from the photo of Milla Jovovich in Prada, autumn/winter 2002. I love the color on the wall by using the light effect.

In the process of shooting, we used the color cellophane papaer, putting them in front of the lights.
For styling, I chosen the long T-shirt with the butterfly pattern, the black cardigan, and some simple rings  from Vivienne Westwood.
Let's check it out!!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

get WILD!!

These days I have look though a lot of magazines. Lot of brands take there new commercial ads outside of studio. like the models standing in the golden fields for Chloe.

Let's take new photos and get WILD!!!!!!!

For me, the styling is more free for outside. But the nature light and the places is changeable and hard to control. Choosing the garments in different color and make them looks layered is important. In order to show out the garments, I always choose the clothing that the color of them are different from the background.   I still work together with my friend and photographer Chirs and Jerry to work out the photos named Re-location. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back to Black

Though I love the album Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. But I never say "no no no" to black.
In the new trend, the black seems to back to the mainstream.

s/s 2010 Dior Homme

s/s 2010 damir doma

If you open your wardrobe, you really don't know what to wear, choosing the black pieces is a good way in this season. Don't worried, cause black and white never out of fashion.

The photos represent the black idea. Myself doing the styling and work with photographer Chris.

First Day Here!!!

Today is the first day I open a blog here. Just say Hi to everyone here.

I'm Elvin, now studying fashion in UK. I'm came from Shanghai, China.

I will update the information, pictures about fashion as soon as possible.