Saturday, 11 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 3/12/2010: mega mega vintage on Chinese Fashion Press

Last time I have mentioned the "mega mega vintage" in Beijing.

Recently, some Chinese Fashion magazines borrow clothing form "mega mega vintage" for their new photo-shoot. Some others make the interview and take the introduction into their magazine.

First, we got FOR HIM MAGAZINE (Chinese: 男人装) November Issue.
Their new photo-shoot named Desire & The Ranch, photoed by Maoyan. Some of their clothing form "mega mega vintage"

Another high fashion magazine BAZAAR China doing the interview and take the introduction of "mega mega vintage" in their December Issue. 
In BAZAAR China, they introduce the vintage style, location, and what they got from Mega Mega Vintage. When the high fashion magazine especially the China issue mention the vintage or vintage style, that means vintage become the new fashion trend in China. Almost all the clothing from Mega Mega Vintage came form Japan or West. Japanese vintage on the other hand, came form western vintage. Mega Mega keep the original western vintage styles. That's another reason they become outstanding and represent the success in Chinese Way Vintage.

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