Tuesday, 14 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 14/12/2010: The result of the mini test

I have uploaded the photos to my Chinese blog at Renren.com and SinaTwitter on 10th Dec 2010. The blog provide me the number of how many people click the photos. The count date is 14th Dec 2010. It’s only 4 days after I upload the photos

SinaTwitter is not available for providing the click date. But my Renren Blog does. I draw a frame around the number of how many people click the pictures.

I collect the date and made the form below to shows the total reach.  There are 1150 people click my photos in only 4 days.
I still set up a questionnaire on my blog to get the feedback of what they think about my photo-shoot or styles. 
First, take a look about the result from my blog at Renren.com
There are 50 people answer it. 40 people think that my photo-shoot successfully styled vintage into high end. 29 people love the styles in the photos. Only 2 people think my styling and photo-shoot doesn't works and no one dislike the styles. 

I stil put the same questionnaire on SinaTwitter. 
The results are almost same as the one at Renren.com
80% of people think  that my photo-shoot successfully styled vintage into high end. 60% people like the styles. Only one people dislike my photos. 

All these results shows the styling is successful in transform vintage into high end. All the results and feedback taken form Chinese audience. That shows most Chinese audience can accept the high fashion vintage styles.

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