Saturday, 12 June 2010

My Final Major Project part 3-Victim Monster Short Video

Director: Me
Shoot by Chichi Zhang
Editor: Me and Chichi
Music editor: Me
Model: Vivian Ling

My Final Major Project part 2-The Final Magazine


Wounds scar still exist in people's lives even in this peaceful times. Some of them are sleeping in memories and seem to have healed. Others, despite their age, still gape. Inspiration came from the painful memories of the victims suffered from war, disaster, abuse or any other forms of horrible treatment, as well as these evil tragedies themselves. A story about victim and monster would be narrated under the skin of fashion in this book.

The most painful are those that throb beneath the innocent face. And the horror monster would come in unforeseen forms and situations. The only thing you can do is run, try your best to escape form the pain, the horror or everything you fear. After the hide and seek, the innocent tattooed with bloody marks, the prickly gash by a knife, with the blood red tears on face.  The girl finally falls into the darkness and became the part of the monster.

Based on the story and concept, the collection of fashion artifacts have been designed for this photo shoot, as well as the graphics and illustrations. This book is a new exploration that complete mixed illustrations with photo shoot in order to create a new version form in fashion magazine and communication. As well some pages in this book are translucent. It provides the opportunities for readers to play the layout and create different visual effects by themselves.

Please note that almost all the illustrations pages were printed on acetate separately with the photo pages. Here are the digital edition, the layered effected can not been seen via them.

Stylist, fashion editor, illustrator, fashion artefacts design, hair and make-up all by me
photographer: Chichi Zhang
model: Vivian Ling

Friday, 11 June 2010

My Final Major Project part 1-The Presented Research Book


My theme of the final major project is “Victims & Monsters. As the name suggests, there are two roles in my project. They seem to stand in opposition, but in my opinion, they also closely related.

My ultimate goal is to make a fashion and art magazine which including the final fashion photo-shoot and some of illustrations. By combine them; I try to create a new form of fashion magazine.

My theme led me to focus on the story that the victims suffer the persecution form the monsters. Like the horrors of war, bring people death. Children are still as the victims of the war. It makes me concern about the children abuse problems. The war still causes the extreme habitats. This as similar as the poor living conditions of homelessness.

I selected the best pages of my presented research book. But many pages were printed on the acetate, the final effects can not been seen via the digital pictures here.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


When your eyes been covered, whether you can found more or not? In the photos shot by Chris Dong, fashion cannot be covered. Since the first time I cooperated with Chris, both of us have learned a lot from each other. This time I still do the styling and editing for her branding photography project.