Monday, 6 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 09/11/2010: The sign form the questionnaire

Today, I check the result of the questionnaire so far form my Chinese blog. 

Here is the result:

     If not considering the price, which one of the followings will you choose?
1.   Luxury Brands             85%
2.   High Street Brands      15%

   By relating to your incoming, which one will you choose from the following     options?
1.   Vintage Luxury Stores, the price is more acceptable     100%
2.    Authorized retail store                                                   0%

  Which promotion mode of Luxury Brands will attract you more?
1.   Visual Way (including posters,  ad campaign photo-shoot, window display and decorations of the   stores, visual events)                                                                                          100%
2.   Written way (including emails, newspaper short message service)           0%

 Please choose 2 options form the followings shows your opinion in the most effective ways to attract consumers.
1.   AD campaign photo-shoot                   47%
2.   Promotion Video                                  14%
3.   Window display and installations         38%
4.   Promotion events                                    1%

 Vintage is the one of the most popular fashion trend in the Western. What’s your opinion about  Vintage fashion?
1.   International fashion trend, pleased to accept                     66%
2.   Vintage is kind of second hand clothing, can’t accept        34%

 If the vintage clothing store open in China, are you willing to buy?
1.      1. I’d love to             92%
2.      2.Can’t accept             8%

 If the vintage clothing store send a part of the incoming to charity organizations,  is that more attractive for you to buy the vintage clothing? (or more help to you to understand vintage fashion)
1.   Yes              90%
2.   No               10%

From the result, I found most young consumer in China can accept the Vintage clothing and styles. That make me think about what I really want to do. Originally, I want to introduced a vintage clothing store to Shanghai. But more researches I did more I feel something wrong. All these weeks, I just try to find the researches to make sure the Vintage business works in Shanghai. That is not I got the passion to do. 

According to my past 3 years education and BA degree, I'm more willing to do something closely connected with fashion styling. But all these evidence I did sounds like the business plain. 

By thinking about all of these. I'm make sure I want to be a style translator between Vintage Style and Chinese consumers. I want to hold a fashion exhibition just like western luxury brands did when they first came to China. I can not only using ad campaign photoshoot and promotion video to promote my exhibition or be a part of the exhibition, but also I can styling and create the decorations or displays in exhibition. Just like the result shows, charity can help consumers to understand the vintage fashion.  In order to connected to the charity, I think I can set the view fee and a part of them will goes to charity. As the exhibition, it's more easier for me to test how many people interesting in and get their feedback quickly. 

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