Monday, 6 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 06/11/2010: Interview-Kevin Fan form Scawaii! magazine

Kevin Fan, who is the fashion editor of the Japanese Fashion magazine Scawaii! China group, recently take my interview about the Vintage Fashion.

As the fashion editor of a Japanese magazine, he introduce the Vintage market in Japan nowadays. He said that Vintage now is one of the hottest trend in Japan. The age range of the consumers are around 20 to 30. Concern about their limited salaries in competitive society, Vintage shop is a good choice for young people in Japan. The Vintage Fashion Stores in Tokyo have already over 400. As the one of the most fashionable city in Asia, various styles and lower price became the most important reasons that attract young people to shopping in. 

And Shanghai now is a fashion market that growing so fast. New generation keep following the new trend from abroad especially from Japan or West. They still meet the same problems as the young people in Japan: the lower incoming level. The new products form brands or Luxury are expensive for them to afford, their demand suddenly satisfied by the sellers on Taobao(Biggest online retailer in China, similar as eBay) that selling the stylish clothing or fake brand products in cheep price. And young people in Shanghai got the good receptive ability when they discovering the new trends. When the Vintage became popular in West, a part of young people in Shanghai or Beijing already follow this trend. Kevin said, they still pay attention on the power of the online platforms like Renren or Kaixin(similar as facebook) and Sina Microblog(simialr as Twitter). After the street style is popular, thousands of people retweet the photos or styles taken from When the people around you talking about or retweet the vintage styles, naturally you will influence by them and become one of them after.  In addition that some celebrities love vintage styles and share their style on Sina Microblog such as Elva Hsiao, one of the pop diva in China. Especially some of them educated in West, they are easily became the conduits of western styles and influence their large amount of fans. 

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