Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 22/11/2010: Vintage Street Styles in China

Coco Chanel said :"A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion." When the Vintage became fashion in West, how about the Vintage Styles in China?

I remember I have been taken the photo for a private online fashion club named P1. Every month they got their own magazine including the best street styles in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. In this March,when I wearing the vintage long coat walking on street, the photographer of P1 ask me to take a picture for them. They collect my information and email. Suddenly, at that month, I became the one on the first page of their street style column of their magazine. 

Obviously, they asked what I was wear that day. And people love this vintage look. How about other vintage style? Here I got the some styles still vintage on P1 magazine. 

The first one is taken on 29/04/2010. He dress himself into a military look with a vintage leather bag. Finally, he became the third most popular look in that month and been put on the first of the page.

This one taken in 01/11/2010. That time was around Shanghai Fashion Week. The girl dressed in total 70s style. Again, this look was welcomed and became the most hyped one of that issue. 

After last time I doing the questionnaire about vintage style, the feedback form most Chinese consumer show that they can accept Vintage or actually they looking forward to Vintage style. The street style pictures I put this time, is another evidence to show the vintage style is welcomed in China.

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