Monday, 22 November 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 26/10/2010: Interesting Examples

I found some interesting examples of importing luxury brands.

Pieree Cardin is the first haute couture designer to enter China. In 1979, Cardin held fashion shows in Beijing and Shanghai. Cardin's debut fashion show would become one of the most memorable East-meets-West fashion milestones in post-Mao China. Cardin brought with him a Western fashion lexicon new to the Chinese: fashion shows, fashion models, fashion designers, and luxury brands.

Yves Saint Laurent opened his fashion exhibition at Beijing's Palace of Fine Arts to the public in May 1985. However the head of the Chinese Writers's Association described his clothes as "too sexy" for Chinese women.

Giorgio Armani opened his store in Beijing, he chose to use a red lacquer Chinese-style door for the front of the store. Armani later cited this design choice as one of the company's first mistakes in China.

I think these are very useful for my POS and seminars.

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