Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 11/10/2010: rough thinking and inspiration

11 Oct is the first day I go to see the tutor after I landed. During my summer holiday, I already start to think about what I'm interesting to do in my MA stage.

I have passion to do the project about "Vintage". When I was still in Shanghai this summer, I sometimes wear the vintage clothes I got from UK. When my friends first saw those clothes, they love them and ask where did I got them. But what is interesting is after I told them they are vintage or second hand clothing, they just changed their attitudes. I can see that they don't keep their interest in my clothes after they realized they are vintage. 

This make me think about why they can't accept vintage clothing although the vintage is the one of the most hottest fashion trend in western. This is interesting point for me to research. 

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