Thursday, 18 November 2010

MA FASHION DIARY- 24/10/2010: Vintage business doesn't work in China?

Today I talk with one of my friend Chris about my POS. 

Chris now is fashion photographer. She always pay her attention in Chinese fashion market. We were classmates when we study in Shanghai. After that both of us go to UK for our BA degree. Just like me, she loves vintage clothing so much. 

This September, she told me her family plan to start a fashion brand business in China. She find some company to doing the market researches. After that her family decided to used English brand names and western fashion trend as their styles. 

After I told her my POS, she said: Although vintage style is one of the hottest trend in West, but to most Chinese consumers, these clothes are second hand. They won't buy it. If you plan to do this as the business, it will take a huge risk."

After talk to her, I begin to think about my direction of my POS. My BA degree was all about fashion design and fashion styling. I understand that market research is the key to know what the customers want. But for me, I'm more willing to focus on styling not the business plan. These weeks I find a lot of useful information. I gain a lot knowledge of what the Chinese consumers want. But when I review what I have done so far, it's more about open a vintage business in Shanghai and test whether it makes money or not. That's really is not I want to achieve. 

Next I need to get some professional advice form the people who working in Chinese fashion industry. And I need to think about what I really want to do in MA stage. 

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